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Don’t bench your long-sleeve tees, layer them!

As the mercury drops and the winter chill starts nipping at your nose it is time to reach for the most underrated player in your closet, your long-sleeve t-shirt. An essential player in any sartorially-minded closet, the long-sleeve tee gets more than its fair share of bench time, typically playing second fiddle to your star quarterback-the traditional short sleeve tee. But why? The long sleeve is as versatile and adaptable as its shorter sibling and yet it gets so little love. We’ve taken a good, hard look at ourselves and found a few good reasons to get your long sleeves back into play and doing what they do best, adding style to a closet and bang to your buck.

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Why is everyone printing on SpectraTees?

Giorgio Armani once said “the difference between style & fashion is quality.” SpectraTees.com has taken that truism and built a business on the quality comes first platform.

Marquee brands demand quality and therefore nominate the SpectraTees brand to their screen printers, embroiderers, DTG printers etc.

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