Social Compliance

Trade Policy Spectra USA’s social compliance policy requires all of our suppliers to comply with the following requirements:

Child Labor

No use of, or support for, child labor in any way.

Forced Or Compulsory Labor

No use of, or support for, forced or compulsory labor. No required ‘deposits’ financial or otherwise from staff members; no withholding of salaries, benefits, property or documents to force personnel to continue work. Personnel must have the right to leave their employment premises after their workday ends, and personnel must be free to terminate their employment if they wish. Spectra does not support, nor use any agencies which deal in human trafficking.

Health & Safety

Spectra’s agents and suppliers must provide a safe and healthy workplace; prevent potential occupational accidents; provide personal protection equipment and medical attention in event of work-related injury. Spectra expects them to provide hygienic toilet facilities, potable water, sanitary food storage facilities and to protect a worker’s right to remove themselves from imminent danger.


Spectra USA respects the right of personnel to earn a living wage. All workers must be paid, at least, the legal minimum wage.
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