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Business T-Shirt Design

 Promotional T-Shirts are one of the best marketing tools for businesses. Promotional items are used in a quick and effective manner in order to spread brand awareness in a large market. T-shirts are a great addition to marketing campaigns because they outlast all other advertising functions, they are economical to produce, they promote team spirit, and all advance widespread brand recognition.


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Yes, Wearing Masks Helps

The debate over face mask usage in the United States has become a controversial and hot topic. Varying states across the country have mandated different rules. For example, Californians must wear face masks in public under coronavirus orders issued by Governor Newsom but in Texas, Governor Greg Abbot has allowed some counties to impose mask usage on businesses.


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Is T-shirt printing profitable?

The global likeability and wearability of the t-shirt transcends the globe. It is the one piece of clothing that never goes out of style. Anything from the plain white tee, to a graphic tee, to the undershirt– the t-shirt is liked by all age groups and cultures.


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Layering T-shirts

Layering can be essential to dressing. Layering acts as a functioning tool in order for clothing to be more adaptable. Layering protects you, makes you more comfortable, and allows you to move more easily. Layering also can add dimension to your outfit — making your dressing more aesthetically pleasing.


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The Evolution of DTG Pretreatment

Over the years, pretreatment methods and solutions have evolved and progressed rapidly. For manufacturers, designers, and individual customers alike- the goal is to make the garment decoration process as robust as possible. Direct to garment (DTG) printing is a mere 10 years old and there have been many changes regarding the process (and there are more to come).

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Your Partner’s T-Shirt Improves Sleep

Researchers from the University of British Columbia, Canada have found that a partner’s physical presence can evoke a sense of relaxation, calm, and safety. These positive feelings ultimately can promote better sleep.

Olfaction, also known as a sense of smell, is the most primal of our senses. Human evolution has proven that our sense of smell has been key to our survival. Smells have the power to drive our behavior and conjure positive psychological states.

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