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Don’t bench your long-sleeve tees, layer them!

As the mercury drops and the winter chill starts nipping at your nose it is time to reach for the most underrated player in your closet, your long-sleeve t-shirt. An essential player in any sartorially-minded closet, the long-sleeve tee gets more than its fair share of bench time, typically playing second fiddle to your star quarterback-the traditional short sleeve tee. But why? The long sleeve is as versatile and adaptable as its shorter sibling and yet it gets so little love. We’ve taken a

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How to wear a white t-shirt with style

There are few fashion looks as timeless and stylish as a plain white t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. As style indicators go, this is a time-honored benchmark the gods of fashion have revolved around since the 1950s. Whether its a supremely soft Pima cotton tee off the top shelf of a high-fashion boutique, or a distressed, vintage throw-me-not you’ve been saving for years, once paired with a pair of true-blues, the ensemble just Û÷clicks’ and style is yours.

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SpectraUSA Elevates the Sustainability of the Seven Crossings Project

Gear is flying across the cabin and the ships’ superstructure resonates like a tuning fork under the weight of a single, rogue channel island swell as it storms across the Island Fox, threatening to swallow it. Pat Fraley watches in horror as charging cables, portable hard drives, plugs, laptops, heavy weather gear, loose Doritos, video equipment, tubes of sunscreen and an assortment of random ephemera ballet across the room in a gruesome Busby Berkeley aerial ballet, slow-motion arc, finally clattering to an abrupt stop

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Are you Cosmically Ready for ED?

I’m sitting in offices modestly labelled “E. Diamond-Diversified,” and I’m wondering to myself, just what exactly the “diversified” bit means. I feel like I’m six years old again watching the coyote and Bugs Bunny go at it. And the coyote has just handed Bugs his business card: Wile E. Coyote – Genius. I’m half expecting an anvil to come crashing through the roof as we sit down.Ê

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