What is Fleece?

What is Fleece?

Ever wondered what exactly IS the cozy miracle we call fleece? Well here’s your answer.

Fleece is a manmade product, inspired by the blanket of wool that covers sheep but made from synthetic material. It’s warm and fuzzy, making it the perfect material for blankets and the lining of coats.

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While sometime wool can be combed into fleece, it is usually made up of polyester fibers. The fine synthetic fibers are woven into a fabric which is then brushed until it has a thick pile. The fact that fleece is made from synthetic materials means it is inexpensive to produce, but it’s also very easy to make from recycled materials. You’ll see increasingly eco-conscious brands even making that out of recycled bottles!

Fleece is an amazing material and absolute must have in cold weather. SpectraUSA’s zipper hoodie has a fleece lining, blending cotton and polyester to provide the benefits of synthetic and natural fibers. This fleece sweatshirt is warm and durable, and the fabric breathes while you wear it. It is the perfect piece for layering in cold weather or even as you transition from night into day.

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