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Vote SpectraUSA Bi-Blend

Vote SpectraUSA Bi-Blend

Its election season again if you haven’t heard and if you haven’t had enough of the news frenzy yet, we thought we would weigh in on this too, just to add a little style to the heated debate and a little comfort to the often uncomfortable questions being raised in politics these days. True to form, the SpectraUSA design team cooked up some cheeky, tongue-in-cheek “political” images for our “campaign”-we think you’ll recognize the style-in the hopes that we wouldn’t fail to remind you to get down to your local voting station and make your democratic mark on history this election cycle. Yeah buddy, that means you too. Our Vote SpectraUSA Bi-blendTM campaign is currently touring your favorite social media sites and we are urging each and every American voter out there to get out and vote. But not just to vote, we want you to vote in comfort and in true, American style, the way it should be done. Which is why we’re advising everyone to Vote Bi-blendTM, so be sure to slip into our gorgeous 3050 ring-spun Bi-blendTM tees whilst you exercise your democratic rights, and bellying up to the booth to make your marks.

It is not only a chance to be a part of history but also an opportunity to shape the future, and what better way to greet your future than in the future-forward fabric of ring-spun Bi-blendTM with more forgiving stretch than a bi-partisan policy, and enough strength to make even the most hawkish t-shirt connoisseur a truly happy camper. Look out for the SpectraUSA Vote Bi-BlendTM campaign online and remember to register to vote (if you haven’t already) and get down to your polling stations on November 6th, 2018 and exercise your American voice and shape your future in true bi-blendTM style. Visit the SpectraUSA Bi-blend range of styles here-men’s and ladies’, you’ll be pleased to notice that they come in more colors than just red and blue.

Happy voting, America!

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