Vegan Fabric Fleece

Vegan Fabric Fleece

Fleece, not fleas! This synthetic fabric will not invite those creepy crawlers into your closet. Although a vegan fabric fleece can mimic the warmth of wool and be as light as silk. This versatile fabric doesn’t have a long history, but it is here to stay and is constantly being improved.

Many of us don’t think of the warmer seasons as needing fleece products because our minds think of the fluffy winter jackets that make us look like teddy bears. This fabric has come so far in the past few decades where fleece is now found in a large scope of durability and weight. Depending on what activity is involved or your location, you need a piece of fleece clothing for all occasions.

No longer is it just part of an athlete’s ensemble, fleece has now infiltrated the entire fashion industry. It dries incredibly fast and some manufacturers easily treat it to become waterproof or add UV protection. Along with its exceptional moisture-wicking feature, fleece is ideal for taking along on vacations or local fishing trips. Lounge around at home in a comfortable, silky fleece cardigan or go outside for some yard work and wear a hat made out of fleece. Your sweat will dry faster as you protect your head and face.

The beauty of this material is that it can be woven with other fibers such as cotton. Many textile manufacturers blend fleece and cotton to keep the garment breathable yet durable. This particular combination also resists abrasions better than just cotton alone, which is fantastic for washing over a long period of time.

Even the darkest hoodie keeps its color long after its cotton counterpart would have faded and become a house sweater (we all have that house outfit, don’t lie). It also does not shrink so it is ideal to have this polyblend fabric to get the best of both worlds. With everything being customizable these days, printers and crafters love this type of vegan fabric fleece as it is still easy to print on, as if it were still 100% cotton.

As every fashion trend has been getting a makeover these days, the classic hoodie sweater is also being revamped by introducing fleece into the mix. The fleece hoodie is now lighter, more durable, and stays comfortably warm. This is particularly important because fleece can be woven for midweight and heavyweight performance; so you can take a jacket with you for cool summer mornings to those cold winter evenings.

Every season calls for the right fleece jacket. No longer is it the bulky sweatshirts from the ‘80s that drag you down and make you sweat. The new fleece hoodie is ideal for transitioning from day to night. Whether your a girl or boy or everything in between, the hoodie is the perfect unisex garment to keep in your wardrobe.

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