Matching Your Outfit With Your Partner

Matching Your Outfit With Your Partner

Matching your outfit with your partner can be a sweet gesture of love and a fun way to spend quality time. Looking fabulous and coordinating your attire with your partner is a playful way to celebrate an occasion, impress, or simply show one another you care. Here are some helpful tips to inspire some harmonious looks!

Color Matching

Whether it be monochromatic, complimentary, or opposite color waves – color matching is a fun way to match with your partner. Try different shades of one color, opposite colors (such as black and white), or a specific color wave (such as earth tones) to create a harmonious color palette.

Unisex Clothing

Wearing the unisex clothing such as a t-shirt or hoodie makes the two of of you look like two accomplices — ready to handle anything together! SpectraUSA’s Raglan T-shirts are the perfect gender neutral clothing option you can both wear. Comfy, stylish, with a hint of sportswear. The Cotton Perfection Tee comes in all colors and styles, giving a couple ample opportunity to either wear the same color tee or something more complementary.

Alternative Patterns

Wearing contrasting patterns or the same pattern in different ways is a great way to synchronize an outfit with your partner. You can never go wrong with a plaid and stripe combo! Stripes are also an accessible pattern you can find almost everywhere! A cute stripe top and jeans is a way to bring funk and flair to an overall basic look.

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