Three Ways to Fold a T-Shirt

Three Ways to Fold a T-Shirt

We are always looking for a new way to live smarter– the newest life hack, organizational tool, or the quick fix for our pesty annoyances. When it comes to getting your clothes organized, there is no better thing to master than fold a T-shirt. Below, we give you three excellent tips on how to get your tees in better shape!

File Fold: Made famous by Marie Kondo, the file fold allows you to see everything at once in your drawer.

  • Lay the shirt on a surface. Fold one side of the t-shirt 1/3 toward the middle and tuck the sleeves. Repeat on the other side.
  • Fold the top of the shirt down, leaving an inch gap before the bottom. Fold this rectangle into thirds. This will allow the t-shirt to stand up vertically by itself.

Army Roll: Keep T-shirts wrinkle free and organized in tight spaces (like a suitcase!)

  • Place shirt on a flat surface with the collar closest to you
  • Roll the shirt’s bottom hem once
  • Fold sides in into the middle and tuck the sleeves
  • Roll the shirt tightly away from you
  • Tuck the roll into the hem

Pinch Method: Fold your T-shirts quickly!

  • Lay the tee sideways with the collar on your right side
  • Point A is at chest level and Point B is the top right of the shirt. Point C is the bottom left hem
  • In one motion, pinch both A and B points. Then, cross your arms to pinch Point C.
  • Uncross your arms, shake the shirt. The shirt will set into place and be ready to fold.
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