Recycling Your Old Shirts

Recycling Your Old Shirts

T-shirts are a versatile and beloved closet essential. It’s important to have a variety for each occasion, but after a while the stack can build up. Maybe you receive one too many promotional tees, or you simply wear out your favorite. No worries! You can recycle those tees with an array of fun projects. Here are some ideas –

  1. Use them for macrame projects

Forego the yarn by cutting your old shirt into 1 inch thick strips. Braid and tie knots in the fabric to create decorative wall hangings or plant holders with a cool, bohemian vibe.

  1. Give them to your dog

When you’re done with your tees, you can tie them into tight knots and toss them to your pup. They’ll be entertained for days!

3. Turn them into tote bags

This project just requires 10 minutes and a needle and thread. First, cut off the sleeves of the shirt. Then sew together the bottom, making it perfect for stashing groceries and other goods. Not only are you recycling your old shirts, with this reusable tote, but you’ll also save a ton of plastic bags.

  1. Frame your tees

If a t-shirt has become unwearable, but is special to you or has a cool design that you don’t want to throw away, you can turn the shirt into a piece of art for your wall. You can achieve this in a few ways – you can buy frames or build your own. Once you have a frame, stretch your shirt around it so that the design is centered and staple the edges to the back of the frame. Or simply cut around the design and pop it into a photo frame.

  1. Tie-dye

Your favorite art project as a kid may just be your favorite as an adult too. Tie dying is fun to do and always has a satisfying outcome. It’s also the perfect way to get some extra life out of your stained t-shirts. Buy a tie dye kit or rit dye online or at your local craft store. And the good news is tie dye never goes out of style!

  1. Donate

If you really want to get rid of old tees and don’t have the time or energy to recraft them into something else, you should consider a donation. Local charities that accept clothing donations are easy to find. Try to weed out any really distressed shirts before you drop off your donation.

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