Natural Ways to Keep Your White Shirts Bright

Natural Ways to Keep Your White Shirts Bright

While it is natural for colors to fade and whites to become dull or yellow over time, there are a few tricks you can use to Keep Your White Shirts Bright, using the items already stocked in your cabinets.

These simple tips can help you revive and lengthen the life of your garments by boosting both colors and whites.

First off, always separate your white and colored laundry before washing.

  1. Baking soda

Baking soda is a must have, not only as a baking essential but as a jack of all trades around the house. Add ½ a cup of baking soda to any wash cycle to maintain vibrant colors and stark whites.

  1. Salt

Another basic kitchen item that can go a long way in the laundry room. Salt helps to lock in dyed in color fabrics to prevent bleeding. This method is particularly effective when used with new or freshly dyed clothing, but it can also help boost the colors in fading fabrics. Add ½ a cup of salt to your wash cycle for the best results.

  1. Vinegar

Now this may seem like an odd ingredient to add to your laundry, but don’t worry. The scent will not cling to your clothes after washing, so you won’t smell like a walking egg. In fact, vinegar is an incredibly useful natural cleaner that can be used around the house. Add a cup of it to your wash to prevent color fading and to set freshly dyed pieces. It also works as a fabric softener. If a vinegar smell remains on your garment, let it dry out on the line and any remaining smell will evaporate.

  1. Citrus

If you have a few lemons on hand, Martha Stewart recommends adding them to a pot of boiling water and letting your clothes soak for about an hour. This will help to whiten any yellow or faded items. You can also add lemon juice to your wash cycle for a similar effect.

  1. The sun

The sun has a natural bleaching effect on any fabrics that are laid out to dry. After your wash cycle, hang your clothes in a sunny area instead of throwing them in the dryer. This simple use of solar energy will dry your clothes sans chemicals while making your whites more vibrant. Be careful when drying colors in the sun, as it can have a fading effect on dyed fabrics.

These tips will boost the lifetime of your clothes without any expensive products or harsh chemicals. However, it’s also important to keep up good laundry practices if you’d like your clothes to last.

Follow these tips every time you do the wash :

  1. Divide loads into colors and white. This will keep your colors vibrant and your whites stark!
  2. Turn garments inside out. This might seem like a hassle, but it keeps your clothes from wearing from exposure in the wash cycle.
  3. Use cold water. This will prevent dyes from bleeding, plus it will lower your bill and it’s good for the environment!
  4. Hang clothes to dry. The heat from the dryer can take a toll on your wardrobe. It can shrink clothes and cause pilling. Hang your clothes outside or on a drying rack to prevent damage and fading
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