What are you paying for in Designer Clothes?

What are you paying for in Designer Clothes?

If you don’t often purchase designer clothing, you’re probably still aware of their high cost, but not maybe not exactly how high. A simple Google search for “designer clothing” will certainly make your jaw drop.

Nearly $300 for a Versace T-shirt, $600 for a Tom Ford dress shirt and a Christian Siriano tulle gown costs over $15,000, roughly the price of a new car.

Looking at these price tags, you have to ask what makes these designer duds so unique. Buying designer brands guarantees greater quality and style, or are you simply paying for the label? The solution is more complex.

Designer Clothes: Are They Worth the Money?

To determine if designer clothing is worth the high prices, it is necessary to evaluate the expenses that go into a garment. There haven’t been many studies on this, but Datafiniti conducted one on designer shoes in 2016.

Datafiniti analyzed over 25,000 shoe prices from 379 companies, including designer shoes. The study discovered that non-luxury brands averaged $100 for each pair. Designer shoes, on the other hand, were priced between $215 and $1,400.

Checking pricing at high-end retailers may also give you an indication of how much extra designer clothes costs. Designer jeans at Nordstrom vary from $220 to $1,850. Jeans from L.L. Bean, a brand renowned for quality but not prestige, range from $45 to $89 Designer jeans.

What is the Cost?

Designer clothing cost more to produce than non-designer ones. The next step is to determine the price difference. A HuffPost article from 2018 looked at this issue regarding one particular item: a white T-shirt.

The gap between a $5 white T-shirt from a fast-fashion company and a $300 luxury T-shirt was investigated by HuffPost fashion writer Julia Brucculieri. Many variables affect the price of each, experts say.

Many designer clothes purport to make high-quality items, when a closer look at their manufacturing may suggest otherwise.

SpectraUSA is an anomaly in the industry. They created affordable clothing without sacrificing the quality of their material, labor, or manufacturing.

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