Fall Fashion Trends for 2021

Fall Fashion Trends for 2021

Bringing Back the 90s

90s style is back in full swing. But instead of an accessory here and there such as a choker or chunky silver jewelry, Fall 2021 is all about a full outfit– head to toe. One of the most fashionable AND easy go-to 90s outfits is the layered t-shirt and boots under a silk slip dress. Spectra’s Club Crew T-shirt is ideal for layering because of its tailored ring-spun cotton material made for a snug, confident fit. 


Instead of shifting from a light neutral palette to a dark neutral palette, put on a vibrant jewel tone. These deep, saturated hues are a fun alternative to the normal navy, khaki, and brown colors associated with autumnal wardrobes. One of the easiest ways to incorporate boosted jewel tones such as mustard yellow and royal purple is mixing and matching jeans with a Wonder Vee T-shirt.

Loose Jeans

In Fall 2021, we are seeing a real appreciation for the mom and boyfriend jeans — loose denim with flares and bootcuts. This popular silhouette is a relaxed, yet fun way to transition into the colder months. A slim Club Crew T-shirt with a tailored blazer makes the look more tailored and balances out the bagginess of the jeans.

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