Color Palette for Fall

Color Palette for Fall

The shift of a season poses many questions: What do I wear? How do I transition my wardrobe from the hot weather of the summer to the chilly breeze of autumn? Can I wear my t-shirt throughout the year even when the temperature drops? Some of the best ways to transition your wardrobe is to work with color. One of the most important aspects of style is to get your color palette right. Below we take a look at the best ways to layer color palettes in order to create the right look.

Cool Colors = Cool Clothes

A cool shade of brown or blue is a nod to the autumn leaves and darker skies. A denim jacket over a crisp t-shirt and jeans lets you stay warm while also adding an ideal layering piece to add some dynamism.

Camel Brown

A camel brown brings a sophistication to any look. Camel is a rich color that is not only inviting, but can elevate the simplest of looks. A classic fall trend of a camel brown coat over jeans and a t-shirt or a dress is timeless and utterly chic. A neutral white, black, or tan t-shirt such as Spectra’s Pocket Perfection adds a tone of debonair to any look.

Green, Green, Green!

Every shade of green: hunter, teal, emerald or olive look fabulous with the fall foliage. Green is the ultimate shade for casual wear. Spectra’s Cotton Perfection in military green looks great paired with blue or black denim and also with beige trousers for a subtle yet classy formal look. Pair with a camouflage print to spice it up a bit!

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