Why you should use Spectra Tees for DTG -Direct To Garment Printing


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Our proprietary Spectra Spun ring spun combed tees are knitted & dyed in the USA resulting in a superior t-shirt that is an optimal base for the DTG process.


  • Colors: We offer the darkest black & the brightest white in the industry which enhances the vibrancy of your print!


  • Reactive Dyeing: Our t-shirts are dyed utilizing reactive dyes right here in Orange County California.Ê This safeguards the printer when using a pretreat process correctly by eliminating discoloration and color loss.


  • Combed Cotton: Combing is a process where the cotton strands are combed, removing shorter fibers and giving you a longer smoother yarn for a better-finished fabric. The results are a softer hand and a cleaner printing surface on the t-shirt.


  • Ring Spun: Ring-spun is a technique where the fibers are twisted during the spinning process giving you a stronger and smoother yarn, ultimately resulting in a tighter knit garment that will last longer and has superior printability.


  • Silicone finishing: Our silicone enzyme finishing process in dyeing removes residue from the knitting process. The end result is a soft hand surface that is ideal for DTG.


  • 30 singles gauge yarn: This high yarn count translates into a tighter knit and compliments the Spectra Spun combed ring spun yarn, which is the optimal substrate for DTG.


  • 20 singles gauge yarn: This is a lower yarn count which results in a heavier weight t-shirt, but we still utilize a ring spun yarn which gives a soft hand and a great surface for DTG.


  • Pre-shrunk: Most tees have minimal shrinkage, but ours have even less. We use a process called compacting to pre-shrink the fabric during dyeing.


  • Carbon footprint: NAFTA premium yarns, local knitting, local dyeing and only 195 miles to factories translates into a small carbon footprint. Sustainability is our goal.


  • Compliance: Spectra Tees maintains the strictest social & labor compliance in accordance with local & international laws.


  • NAFTA compliant: Our goods are knitted & dyed in the USA, then cut/sewn in our facilities in Baja Mexico, which means you can ship to Canada or Mexico with zero duties.


  • USA: Our production cycle keeps jobs in North America!


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Single sign-on credentials with benefits of 3 resources: T-Shirts, Fleece & Tie Dyes.
*Note: All 3 sites are 3 separate stores.

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