Taking Selfies Summer

Taking Selfies Summer

Your outfit is screaming “look at me!” Your travels are going unappreciated while you sit there on a plane and no one knows you’re flying through the air. How will anyone know you ate that thing at that place without a picture? Taking selfies is totally commonplace now. It boosts our confidence, gives us something to do, and solidifies those memories in our camera roll.  As they say, “live your best life.” But we want to look our best as well. In the end, it’s really a numbers game. The more you shoot the more you’ll have to choose from. These tips will make things move along faster with better results. Especially if you’re on an itinerary and don’t have much time to spare at each landmark to take a hundred photos.

The Right Angles

It’s all about what angle is best for your face shape and body type. Some self reflection is recommended to find your good side. If you have someone taking your photo for you, don’t slouch. Try moving your body to the side, one foot in front of the other, and stand straight. Avoid putting your arms down by your side and instead put them back or on your hip. This will elongate your torso, slimming you down.

Avoid shooting your face straight forward or from below. You will benefit from shooting at a downward angle towards your face instead of up or straight forward. If your friends insist on taking a head-on photo, turn your face slightly to the side to get a ¾ view of your face.

Pro tip: If you are in front of a tall landmark, stand as recommended and have someone take a panoramic photo of you from your feet to the top of the site.

Light is your Friend

The best times for taking selfies are during those magic hours when the light is low and gentle. Some call it the golden hour but it is basically sunset and sunrise when those gold tones lightly wash over you. Be careful of harsh, bright lights that can create even harsher shadows in unwanted places. Unless you’re looking for an artistic, high-contrast look, using shadows is usually a challenge best left for those days that are dedicated to creativity. If you’re taking selfies with your friends or by yourself, then consider using diffused, natural light and no flashes.

Pro tip: spin, Spin, SPIN! Slowly spin around while continuously taking selfies. Then you can find the best lighting for that situation.

Winning Natural Smiles

Smiling is ideal but maybe you look forced. A genuine smile occurs in an instant and may not be caught on camera. Maybe you’re just not a smiler or you just feel weird baring your teeth in front of a little screen. A good trick is to relax your mouth and exhale slowly. Blow the air through slightly parted lips. This will prevent a tense look from creasing your face and it’ll give you a natural pout without falling into the duck face category.

Any facial expression that comes naturally is what we want to see.

So twirl around, look up, be in and out of the shadows. Try all the angles your arms can reach. The more fun you have the more natural your expressions will be! Get caught up in your adventures and snap photos every which way. Now you can be an influencer at your local donut shop and take the fastest and most stunning photos without holding up the line. Have the best shining in summer!

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