T-Shirts For Female Body Type

T-Shirts For Female Body Type

All bodies are different. Like a snowflake, the edges and curves of every woman’s form are unique. And, as a result, clothing is made in a myriad of styles to suit all the different female body types out there. It’s important to identify the shape of your body so that you can figure out what styles fit you best. We’ll give you some tips on the types of t-shirts that work best for your body.

First of all, there are five basic body types, including round, triangle, inverted or upside down triangle, rectangle or square, and hourglass.

Shirts with curved necklines, such as SpectraUSA’s Long Line T-shirt, are great for bodies with a triangle shape. This shirt will widen the appearance of your shoulders while balancing out your hips.

Alternatively, people with hourglass shaped figures, which include broad shoulders and hips with a narrow waist, should try out a V-Neck shirt. The Wonder Vee T-Shirt is an extremely flattering option, especially in the darker color selections.

A round shape is when a body is narrow at the top and bottom and fuller around the tummy. The best t-shirts to wear are those that elongate the torso such as a scoop or V neck. These necklines highlight the top half of your body.

A rectangle body shape has hardly any waist definition. An asymmetrical neckline, deep scoop, and halters add balance to your straight silhouette.


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