Naturally Dyeing

Naturally Dyeing

Consumers know what they love and retailers need this information in order to provide their best merchandise at the right price. We all know this. But the more we progress into the future, the day-to-day consumer is getting savvier. Fast fashion is still widely accepted but gaining attention to be an unsustainable industry. This has brought an influx of DIYers and craftspeople who are thriving because of this new wave of conscientiousness.

Textiles and fashion are also under this influence. We are rediscovering our love for natural fibers and non-chemical processes for dyeing fabrics. Most of us may not have the time or resources to create these pieces on our own, but there are plenty of artisans who provide us with the final product.There are always those who are willing to learn traditional methods of creating and oftentimes the result is one-of-a-kind.

PFD = Prepared for DyeingNaturally dyeing fibers can be done for two categories: plant and animal. Plant fibers come from, well, plants and include cotton, linen, and hemp to name a few. Animal fibers are materials such as wool, silk, mohair, etc. In a traditional setting, a craftsperson painstakingly has to scour and mordant the fibers to ensure even dyeing and color retention. Most small businesses spend a lot of their time boiling and drying their material for it to be prepared for dyeing (PFD). Only then is the material ready to soak in another tub to take on its new color.

In an idealistic world, we’d grow and gin our own fibers, scour until the sun sets, and then dye our clothing with beets and tea leaves. But we live here and now, there are alternatives to trying out your homemade dyes without picking your own cotton. To be realistic, it is time and resource consuming. You can start your own custom clothing line without the headache of sourcing raw materials.

This PFD Collection is a great place to start testing your ideas. The cotton used is a natural off-white color because there are no optic whiteners nor other chemicals in the fabric. The seams are also cotton thread so the stitches will dye the same color. This collection is also preshrunk so you can be confident in the style and fit of the garment you are purchasing.

Try it out! You can try a single unit or several different pieces, or purchase in bulk to get your natural apparel business going. This may be a sign to pick up a new hobby or finally start that T-shirt business you wanted. If anything, you will have a unique piece of clothing that you made and that is something to be proud of.

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