Fast As Fitness X 3050 Bi-Blend T-shirts

Fast As Fitness X 3050 Bi-Blend T-shirts

Emergent North Carolina based fitness disruptor Fast As Fitness is bursting onto the sport apparel market with their unique fitness and gym wear, driven by a totally fresh approach to constructing these specialist garments. The principal design goal behind Fast As is ”to create a sporting garment which works harder then you do,” comments Barry Wolins, CEO of this dynamic sports apparel company. The entire line of Fast As products are built to breathe, endure, take the strain and come back swinging. Their recent partnership with SpectraUSA introduced Fast As Fitness fans to Spectra’s proprietary bi-blend technology behind their range of 3050 Bi-blend t-shirts, the perfect compliment to Fast As’ enduring sports gear.

”We’re thinking about athletes at every turn, with every stitch, pocket and seam,” says Wolins. The additional strength and reinforcement they have built into their apparel goes beyond the industry standard to next-level superior quality. From specialized media-stash pockets to hood linings, flex panels, VAPR-DRY technology, reflective detailing for night training, headphone routing and cleverly placed thumb-holes, Fast As is clearly leading the charge to dominate a sportswear apparel market awash with garments which are produced by the big players like Nike, Adidas, Reebok and Under Armor, but which seem to cut a lot of corners on the athlete.

Fast As Fitness

Fast As has created a tiered hierarchy of apparel suited to each level of an athlete’s needs be they the simplest or most advanced tech-specs required. As an athlete and their sport places heavier demands on their gear so Fast As provides level upon level of technical accommodation designed into each piece. Which is where Spectra’s famous bi-blend tees fit in. Built with breathe-ability, additional strength and stretch and a snug, lightweight aesthetic, Spectra’s Bi-blend range complement this highly technical and purpose-built sportswear range perfectly. ”Selecting Spectra’s 3050 Bi-blend tee was a no-brainer,” says Wolins, adding that the 3050’s are a dream to print on and last as well as the over-designed and specialized Fast As Fitness athletics gear.

The Spectra 3050 bi-blends compliment this dynamic range with a casual tee, typically with a Fast As or bold ”Flying F” print, for post-workout / training. This move in a more fashionable direction is new more for Fast As which, until now, has focused mainly on purely functional gear. Stepping into the casual-wear arena required that Fast As find a modern tee which reflected their established range of world-beating sports and training gear. This was a cinch for Spectra’s 3050 Bi-blend an already established Californian favorite, especially within the action sports fraternities who know how to utilize the Californian sunshine to the max. With the 3050’s Bi-blend technology enabling the garment to wick away perspiration, it is the perfect pre-, and post-training partner for a range built around strength, stretch and moisture management whilst pushing yourself to the maximum and then a little further.

Check out Fast As Fitness for world-beating quality gear built for athletes, pros and folks looking for a lot of ”extras” in their sportswear.

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