Dedication to Fair Employment and Practices

Dedication to Fair Employment and Practices

SpectraUSA is dedicated to upholding fair employment and practices. Transparency and fair practices are woven into the fabric of Spectra’s ideals, and as foundational to the company as the products we provide.

International manufacturers used by major brands such as H&M and Nike have appeared under fire recently for their abuse of Chinese cotton producers. China is one of the largest sites of manufacturing for brands all over the world. The reason these manufacturers have come into question is due to the accusations of human rights violations against the Uighur Muslim minority in the Xinjiang autonomous region of China. It has been reported that thousands of minorities have been working under inhumane conditions in the region’s cotton fields.

This has sparked a boycott of cotton from the region in an attempt to demand better working conditions.

Here are a few of the ways we maintain a standard of ethics in our practices.

SpectraUSA never uses or supports forced or compulsory labor. We do not participate in the withholding of salaries, benefits or property from staff members. Employees maintain the right to leave the premises or their position at any time. We have policies in place to prevent discrimination and harassment in the workplace. The health and safety of Spectra USA employees is the top priority. The company’s agents and suppliers are required to provide safe working spaces, personal protection equipment, and medical attention in the event of injury. All facilities, including restrooms, and spaces dedicated to eating are maintained at hygienic standards.

We believe our employees come first and that the quality of our products depends on the quality of the conditions under which we operate.

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