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Tube T-Shirts

The Spectra Tube Knit.

Our Seamless Kind of Snug.

What is Tube T-Shirt Construction?

Tube T-shirt construction is a popular and efficient method for the modern manufacture of T-shirts, tank-tops, and similar cotton knit garments. The cotton, or cotton-blend fabric, is machine-woven into a long tube shape, specified for each size of garment, so that it can then be cut into sections to make individual shirts. Imagine a long, long loaf of bread which the “baker”– or in our case, T-shirt maker–then cuts in smaller pieces to use for their shirts.

These smaller pieces form the “tube” part of the T-shirt which covers the torso and, its tube-like shape makes for a snug, extremely close fit for the wearer. Sleeves, collar and shoulder reinforcement are then added to give the Tee it’s familiar look but it remains the task of the one-piece torso-tube to give the wearer that classic tube-tee look.

There are a number of advantages to using tubular fabrics in garment construction:

1. Speed & Efficiency: Since the fabric is already made in the width required there is no need to cut separate front and back shirt panels and then sew up the sides as would be the case with traditional, side-seam T-shirts. With most of the shirt fabric already cut to the desired length, it is a lot less labor intensive to simply finish the base, neck, and sleeves of the garment. This saves a great deal of time in the manufacturing process and helps manufacturers to produce their stock quickly and effectively.

2. Quality: When the fabric is produced in long tubes manufacturers are able to keep the quality of their fabrics extremely consistent. Since there are fewer steps involved in assembling this kind of shirt, there is considerably less chance for variation in construction and problems creeping in through production error.

3. That Classic Tube Feel: Tubular construction means there are no longer any side seams to rub against the skin and, that super-soft T-shirt has a “Capital T” feeling the whole way around the torso. The fit is close and sexy and it is hard to beat a well-made tube Tee on a well built torso for pure aesthetic appeal.

Spectratees 3100 Cotton Perfection or our 2100 Fine Jersey Tee with classic, vintage lines are the industry yardsticks for pure tube T-shirt perfection. Expertly engineered and hand constructed, these T-shirts know no equal. We challenge you to try our any of our ringspun tube T-shirts and not fall in love!