Is it moths? Is it your counter tops? Is it your cat?
Nope. The problem is right under your belly button.

There is a universally perplexing wardrobe mystery occurring in countries across the world. This issue has divided people for years as to the source of the problem.

The issue I’m referring to is the mysterious little holes that appear in every single tee shirt you own.

People around the world are tearing their hair out asking “WHY?????”

It is a proven fact (minor research done with a core group of my friends) that the more you love the tee shirt, the more likely it is to have a crop of the infuriating belly holes spring forth.

For years I thought I was alone in this strange phenomenon but I was comforted to discover that this wardrobe scourge is widespread and equally frustrating across the globe. Possibly the Universe.

You may not think this topic is hard hitting news, but when you’ve replaced you favourite tee twice, only to have it occur again it is certainly worthy of deep investigation.

A quick survey on my Facebook page suggested many people thought it was all about the cross body handbag, but then other sufferers of this professed to carrying backpacks, or shoulder bags. Myth busted.

Other people swear it’s moths, but are moths really that OCD that they all only want to eat that one little delectable spot that possibly smells deliciously of belly button pheromones?

People suggested their washing machines were too rough, again OCD white goods are a believable option, or perhaps their cat was doing something jerky all over their tees whilst it sat in an unloved heap on the floor.

When I googled ”why do my tee shirts”_”

”Why do my tee shirts get holes at the bottom” comes up third on the list. This is a real problem.
Google says so.

The people in the internets worry that they are too fat, or the quality of their tees is too crap, but the explanation that all roads keep coming back to is this –

It’s your jeans. Your jeans button to be precise.

Your seatbelt, your handbag, your counter tops, all cause friction between your tee and your button. That seemingly benign fastening device that holds your pants up on the bottom is destroying everything you love on the top.

The solution?

You could wear safety aprons all year round, or you could iron on a precautionary safety patch to all of your favourite tops.

Alternatively you could embrace the hole and take comfort in the fact that you are not alone, and the mystery has been revealed.


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