The Benefits of Poly Blends

The Benefits of Poly Blends

Increasingly often, you will find that many of the t-shirts and sweats on the market are made of a cotton/polyester blend material. Polyester cotton material is usually made up of about 35% poly and 65% cotton, but you will also find even blends, like SpectraUSA’s Bi-Blend T-Shirt, which is a 52/48 cotton/poly blend. While 100% cotton is often advertised as better or purer, there are several aspects that make polyblends a great option when buying your shirts.


100% cotton material is often heavier than poly blends. Poly blends offer lightweight comfort. You’ll also notice that polyblends, especially the well produced material on the market today, is soft to the touch. Polyester also has droplet wicking abilities, so it won’t hold water or sweat the way cotton does.

DurabilityBi Blend 3050 Light Blue Heather

Polyester is an extremely strong material, so, when blended with cotton it makes a durable fabric. Poly blend material will hold up much longer than cotton. Polyester also helps a garment maintain its shape by resisting stretching as you wear.


Polyester is a more affordable material than cotton, making a poly blend both less expensive and longer lasting. Polyester also holds the color of the material longer without fading.


Unlike cotton, polyester blends won’t wrinkle throughout the day. Whether you are sitting all day or moving around, polyblends will keep their shape and smoothness.

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