Ten Terrible Band T-Shirts

Ten Terrible Band T-Shirts

By Stephen Sheffer from cbslocal.com

Do you have a friend who’s always lurking around the merchandise area at concerts? Whether it’s at a show or just on their website, it can be fun to see what bands offer in terms of shirts, music and accessories. Merch can also be another creative outlet for artists to express their personalities. When doing that however, not every band gets it right. Here’s a list of ten shirts that are cheesy, boring or just plain weird. From Joy Division to Mumford & Sons, here’s hoping people saved their money.

Joy Division- The first shirt comes from the British band Joy Division. Although it’s nice to remember the band and the late lead singer Ian Curtis, there’s probably a better way to do that than by sporting shirt somewhere. It’s hard to picture someone wearing this out of their house since it’s a rather large black and white portrait of the singer looking down. The picture was apparently first used as a large poster on walls at the subway, which would look a lot better than on all over a person’s chest.

Kid Rock- If Christmas wasn’t so far away, I would say this shirt could be a great stocking stuffer. Because there’s nothing more flattering on someone than a picture of Kid Rock pointing a gun with an American flag in the background. When I look at it, I’m not sure if I should be laughing or if I should be scared for my life.Ê Probably a bit of both.

Nickelback- Oh Nickelback, no one buys shirts with the band’s dramatic picture on it anymore. I honestly can’t remember the last concert I went to that sold shirts like this. Point is, this once concert cliche is very out of style. If a grown man was caught wearing this shirt it better be for laughs, because that’s the only thing it’s going to attract.

Mumford & Sons- What about a more recent band, you ask? If you were one of the many people to see Mumford & Sons on their last tour, which they might not do again for quite a while, then you may have seen this garment being sold at the merchandise area. Named after the Mumford song ”Hopeless Wanderer,” who ever wears this wolf-centered shirt might be wondering why they purchased it.

One Direction- Ever think you would read about One Direction on XRT’s website? Neither did I, but this shirt is too cheesy to not include on our list. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe there isn’t a better look than a bunch of polaroid pictures of a boy band. What’s freaky is that you know all over the world there were ampitheaters packed with screaming teenage girls in these shirts.

Creed- Sticking with a recurring theme, dramatic headshots of each band member might have been cool on a shirt when you were in middle school, but times have changed. I don’t claim to be an expert in fashion, but I do know that I wouldn’t touch article of clothing from Creed. Just having the band’s name stamped in the middle was silly given their reputation, the faces don’t help much either. If you wear this shirt out, don’t expect to be welcomed with arms wide open.

Bad Religion- One thing’s for sure about some of these shirts, you’re going to get a lot of attention. If that’s what you’re going for, then maybe you actually want this Bad Religion T-shirt. I see how it fits the name, but you might want to save your money before you buy a shirt featuring two nuns making out with each other. Maybe that’s just me.

Yellowcard- Depending on how much artistic say they get, another way for a band to artistically express themselves can be with their merchandise. If you look at this bleak T from Yellowcard, they clearly didn’t get the messsage. Playing off of the legendary British poster, listening to Yellowcard isn’t something that would personally help keep me calm.

Of Mice & Men- Another band definitely not found on the sweet sounding shores of XRT, I wonder how many people bought this unique shirt from Of Mice & Men at one of their concerts. I feel like there’s often a shirt or two that have sold out, but there’s always one left that’s just a little different. Maybe you could just wear this shirt to bed?

Misfits- The last shirt on our list is also the most controversial one. While some shirts would just look silly or strange, this shirt from the Misfits is one that could get some very negative feedback. With a figure that appears to be John F. Kennedy on the shirt, it’s probably best to just keep this one in the bottom drawer.


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