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What is PFD or Prepared For Dye?

A PFD (prepared for dye) t-shirt is a garment that has undergone a specific preparation process to make it ready for dyeing. This preparation typically involves washing and sometimes treating the fabric to remove any impurities, finishes, or substances that could interfere with the dyeing process or affect the final color result.

Types of PFD T-Shirts

The industrial dyeing process used for PFD t-shirts is called garment dyeing, it typically involves two main types of dyeing: reactive dyeing and pigment dyeing.

Reactive Dyeing: In reactive dyeing, the dye molecules chemically bond with the fibers of the fabric, becoming a part of the fabric itself. This results in vibrant colors and a softer hand feel compared to pigment dyeing. During the garment dyeing process, the PFD t-shirts are immersed in a bath containing the reactive dye, and then the dye is chemically fixed to the fabric, usually with the application of heat. The fabric is then washed to remove any excess dye and other residues. Because the dye penetrates the fibers, there is less residue left on the surface, resulting in a softer feel.

Pigment Dyeing: In pigment dyeing, as described earlier, the dye particles adhere to the surface of the fabric rather than penetrating the fibers. This results in a more washed-out, vintage appearance with variations in color intensity across the fabric. The process often creates a stiffer hand feel compared to reactive dyeing because the dye sits on top of the fibers rather than becoming integrated into them.






After the dyeing process is complete, the PFD t-shirts, whether dyed with reactive dye or pigment dye, are typically rinsed and washed to remove excess dye, fixatives, and other residues. Finally, the garments may undergo finishing processes such as softening treatments or additional washing to achieve the desired texture and hand feel before being dried and prepared for distribution.

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