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Our Pigment Dyed Shirts​

A pigment-dyed t-shirt is a type of t-shirt that undergoes a specific dyeing process using pigment dyes. Unlike traditional dyeing methods where the dye permeates through the fabric fibers, pigment dyeing creates a different effect.

The Process

In pigment dyeing, the dye particles adhere to the surface of the fabric rather than fully penetrating it. This results in a more washed-out, vintage appearance, with variations in color intensity across the fabric. The process often creates a softer feel compared to regular dyeing methods, as the dye doesn’t stiffen the fabric.

Pigment-dyed t-shirts often have a worn-in, slightly faded look right from the start, giving them a unique aesthetic. They are popular for casual wear and are often chosen for their relaxed, comfortable style. Additionally, because the dye sits on the surface of the fabric, pigment-dyed t-shirts may develop a weathered patina over time with repeated washing and wearing, adding to their character.

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