How to Fold a T-Shirt Quickly

How to Fold a T-Shirt Quickly

The versatility of a t-shirt makes it the ultimate piece of clothing for any occasion. A crisp t-shirt shows minimalist sophistication, a graphic tee expresses individuality, all while maintaining a put together and clean look. What makes the t-shirt sophisticated instead of grungy, is its appearance. A t-shirt that is wrinkle-free and neat will have a much better impression than one that is wrinkly and uncared for. Learning to take care of your clothing and fold your t-shirts properly will afford you a sophisticated t-shirt wherever you go, for any occasion.

The popular neatness guru Marie Kondo, uses the “art of tidying” as a way to pay respect to our clothing and take the time to fold properly. Participating in mindfulness while taking care of your clothes can be an easy way to cultivate a gratitude practice – for what we own, and what we wear.

For Kondo, the fold of a t-shirt should be a smooth, flat rectangle. Her signature folding technique allows shirts to be seen like file folders- placed upright and on the edge so you can see your inventory prosperity. When you stack and stuff your shirts in a drawer, you are unable to see all your options. When presented with every style, texture, and color, you have the opportunity to see all your options. In addition, the Kondo fold saves space and reduces pressure amongst fabrics, eliminating wrinkles.

How to Fold:

  1. Fold each side of the garment lengthwise toward the center
  2. Tuck the sleeves inward to make a long, rectangular shape
  3. Fold one short end of the rectangle toward the other short end
  4. Fold again (in halves or thirds) Number of folds will depend on the heigh of your drawer — adjust the shirt so it will stand on the edge

Implementing the Kondo practice will not only help you organize but have your shirts looking crisp and ready–  no more ironing needed.

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