How to Design Your Blank Shirt

How to Design Your Blank Shirt

Customizing your blank shirt is a perfect avenue for self-expression and an opportunity to do lucrative business while having some fun doing it. Work out your creativity, make money while enjoying what you are passionate about. Here, however, are tips for coming up with a unique design for your blank shirt:

1. Inspiration

Before you even begin anything else you should have a source of inspiration such as nature, art work culture or personal experience. This could be in the form of patterns colors themes or motifs.

Use your inspirations to think about ideas that could be implemented on your shirt. Contemplate on what you would like others to see when they look at the pieces.

2. Choose Your Blank Shirt

Not all blank shirts are made equal. Ensure that the material used in making the shirt is of high quality before buying it. You may want to check out the store’s catalogs to see if there is variety and materials that you need for customizing the blank shirts.

3. Use Markers

Sketch out rough drafts of your designs using pen and paper or drawing software. Don’t worry about producing a picture-perfect drawing; instead aim at capturing the essence of your concept. You should instead try several layouts designs or styles until one clicks with you.

4. Screen Print

a traditional way of designing your shirt by using a mesh screen with a design. This presses the ink through the open areas of the stencil, imprinting the design on the product underneath.


Described often as a painting with needle and thread, embroidery is an age-old craft that has enamored artists and enthusiasts for many years. On garments, it adds touch of sophistication and uniqueness to the everyday items from fine stitches on linens to complex patterns.


Designing a blank shirt is a fun and creative way to express your style and personality.  With a little creativity, you can transform plain garments into works of art. The ideas listed above are just a few of the many ways to design blank shirt for personal use, gifts or even business. At SpectraUSA, we have the blank apparel you need for any custom-clothing project or check out Tie Dye Tees for ready made designed shirts.

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