October 26, 2018

When SpectraUSA Met Jeff Snegg

The newest addition to the SpectraUSA sales team is a dyed-in-the-wool, true-blue son of California,Ê the inimitable Jeffrey S. Snegg. Born into the giddy heights of Griffith Park near the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, his father came to his senses early in Jeff’s life and moved the growing family to Huntington Beach, where he handed Jeff a board and a pair of shorts and, pointing to the ocean gave a singular instruction, “Have at it.” Having at it is precisely what Jeff’s been doing ever since, both in the water and out of it. Jeff is an old hand in the apparel trade with worthy stints at Next Level Apparel and Alphabroder (to name only two heavyweights Jeff has gone to bat for) and; if you haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting Jeff and buying a t-shirt from him, don’t worry, he’s joined the team at SpectraUSA now so, you will.

Now there’s a stack of things we need to tell about Jeff Snegg, who cut his teeth on the SoCal social climate when Orange county was the secret, creative cradle of the radical surf-punk wave to sweep across the US in the eighties and action sports were still the questionable past-times of “ne’er-do-wells” and sandy, surfy “miscreants.” Back then only true believers thought they could make a career out of their favorite hobby and only dyed-in-the-wool believers life Jeff hit the books in college and after graduation brought a highly developed skill-set to bear on the surf and action-wear apparel industry in his beloved OC.

It’s quite a skill set this quiet, self-effacing industry veteran boasts; garnished with long stints of experience at some of the most recognizable apparel houses across the USA. From a deep understanding of clothing production methods, sales, distribution and leadership, this gentle giant of a industry stalwart has enlivened every concern he has spent time with, bringing his seasoned game to bear and adding serious value wherever you sprinkle him; for instance, growing the distributor sales channel at Next Level, or being a driving force the sales team at Alstyle apparel. In fact, Jeff’s professional and personal mojo resonates so closely with SpectraUSA’s own dynamism, creativity and professional outlook that, when he finally joined the ranks at SpectraUSA, the fit felt seamless and the timing-just right.

Like the rest of the SpectraUSA team, Jeff is a stickler for quality, “All you’ve really got is your reputation,” he says to me, nodding knowingly. Jeff’s own reputation precedes him admirably and his personable nature, guile and quick wit is what has kept him buoyant in sales all these years, and a real asset to the industry.

“I’d rather lose an order than a customer,” he adds, surprising me. But he makes good sense, in such a highly competitive industry like the apparel trade, you are defined by your relationships and by how well you maintain them. Jeff’s pedigree and experience is gilded with a rare honesty and integrity which sees his role in the industry as a long-term effort, rather than a snatch-and-grab opportunity for a short-term gain. For Jeff, it’s not just about t-shirts, it’s about people. And it’s people like Jeffrey Snegg who make SpectraUSA a remarkable company to work with.

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