Modern life takes quite a toll on our apparel. We need clothes that can keep up with our active lifestyles and keep us stylish as well. For all its merits and versatility cotton has its limits and needs a helping hand from science–enter the stretch and support of Bi-blended fabrics, which harness the power of science to make your t-shirt a true contender. Read about the athletic powers of Bi-blends here.

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Our frequently asked questions section addresses many of the common questions our customers have regarding the nature of our core business, how to get on our wholesale program, what our most environmentally-friendly garment is, and even how best to pay us.

Privacy Policy

Who We Share Your Data With If you request a password reset, your IP address will be included in the reset email…

Refund And Returns Policy

At SpectraUSA, we strive to offer exceptional service and products to our valued wholesale customers. We understand that occasionally, a need for…


Catalogs, T-shirt color and sizing charts, media kits, and other SpectraUSA resources.

Side-Seam T-Shirts

The Classic Side Seam Tee Tailored Comfort and Fit. What is Side-Seam Construction? Side seam construction is the original, classic construction technique…

Social Compliance

Trade Policy Spectra USA’s social compliance policy requires all of our suppliers to comply with at the following requirements: Child Labor No…

SpectraUSA Media Kit 2017

SpectraUSA has just completed its 2017 catalog shoot and that means we’re updating our media kit for you too. What is…

SpectraUSA Media Kit: Models

The Spectratees Media Kit will assist you to rebrand your favorite Spectra apparel within your own website or catalog. We know how difficult…

T-Shirt History

A trip through T-shirt history reveals this universally loved garment to be a truly remarkable triumph of modern design. This most humble garment is…

Terms & Conditions

Prices For reduced pricing contact your sales representative. Pricing is calculated by style, not quantity ordered. Prices are subject to change without notice.

The Power Of Bi-Blend

Bi-blend is a term gathering speed and its fair share of “buzz” in the textile industry of late, but what exactly is…

Trade Policy

Payment The applicant will pay for goods purchased from Supplier (“Product”) according to Supplier’s payment terms as communicated to Applicant. The applicant…

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