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Terms & Conditions


For reduced pricing, contact your sales representative. Pricing is calculated by style, not quantity ordered. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Styles, Colors and Inventory

For the most up-to-the-minute listing of our styles, colors and inventory please call your sales representative.

Tel: (714) 683 2820
Toll-free: +1 888 909 6516

Note: Based on demand and sales Spectra USA reserves the right to discontinue styles, colors and size without any prior notification.

Garment Specifications

Please, note that Spectra USA makes periodic updates to its garment specifications. Our current inventory may include a balance of garments from a previous specification.

SpectraUSA ships by FIFO accounting practice (First In First Out) and ships only one garment specification per order.

Order Placing and Shipping

Most in-stock, credit approved orders are shipped on the same day that they are placed–when placed prior to 11.30 am. Please speak to your sales representative for your shipment date confirmation. Additions to orders already placed will be considered a “new order” and processed as a new purchase order.


If you did not receive a confirmation, we did not receive your order.

SpectraUSA will not pay for rushed shipments on orders that were not verified. Please contact your sales representative if you did not receive a confirmation.

Shipping Issues

SpectraUSA will not be responsible for non-delivery, delay, loss, or damages during shipment. All merchandise is shipped FOB (Free On Board) origin. Insuring the product is the responsibility of the buyer, not the responsibility of SpectraUSA.

Pick-up and Delivery

A customer pick-up service is available from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Please contact your customer service representative to confirm that your order is available for collection before collecting it.

All freight claims for missing or damaged merchandise must be filed directly with the carrier except for UPS and FED-EX shipments.

Shipping Inconsistencies

Due to possible human error, it is the buyer/consignees’ responsibility to verify that the merchandise received matches what was ordered and to resolve any claims with SpectraUSA before garments are altered. SpectraUSA will not accept any claims if garments are altered due to incorrect shipments.

Enhanced Product

It is the buyer’s responsibility to thoroughly inspect and test all merchandise before washing, printing, or any type of alteration or decoration is applied. The embellishment processes conducted by the buyer are beyond the control of Spectra USA. Thus, once merchandise is altered in any way, shape or form, the buyer cannot return or make any exchanges.

Claims and Cancellations

It is the buyer’s obligation to inspect and test all merchandise before washing, printing, or any type of decorating. Once our t-shirts are altered in any way by the printer, re-labeler, embroiderer etc, the Buyer cannot return the garments or make any exchanges.

Return Policy

All returns must be authorized by the office manager and made within 5 business days of delivery or pick-up. Returns are subject to a 25% restocking charge, with the minimum charge for restocking being $25.00.

After 10 business days returns may still be considered but the restocking charge will be increased to 45%.

No returns will be accepted on custom work at any time. All returns must be shipped back to the same location where the products were originally shipped from. The cost of returning goods is the customer’s responsibility unless there has been an error.

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