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SpectraUSA Media Kit 2017

SpectraUSA Media Kit 2017

SpectraUSA has just completed its 2017 catalog shoot and that means we’re updating our media kit for you too. What is the SpectraUSA Media Kit 2017 you ask? It is a collection of hi-resolution images which you are free to download and use to Photoshop your own art, designs and branding onto to  showcase your skills and sell your prints to your customers. It’s another way we are working to add value for you and to remain your one-stop fashion resource.

What’s in the Media Kit?

Our media kit is a comprehensive collection of our hi-fashion catalog images for you to use in your own catalog and branding work. Each one of Spectra’s styles has been included in this collection and we have provided you with a variety of options to choose from, from front, side and rear views of the garments on models through back and rear views of the garment shot on a flat white background. We’ve tried hard to give you the highest quality collection of images which has pushed the file size up a little so please be patient whilst it downloads, we’re really confident that you’ll be pleased with the results.

Download the SpectraUSA Media Kit here.

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