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SpectraUSA Color Chart

The Spectratees Color Chart is your handy reference to the vast palette of Spectratees’ fabric colors. We proudly offer more than 30 unique and vibrant colors across our distinctive range of garments. As our designers cherry-picked this palette to create this incredible range of clothing for you, we did so with two clear goals in mind: Firstly, the colors had to be unique to Spectra and meet the same exacting quality standards which we insist on for all of our raw materials, ensuring real comfort and luxurious touch for the owner of our garments. Secondly, these colors had to provide t-shirt printers with the finest quality canvas available for them to frame their work on.

The Spectra color palette is the result of a painstaking selection process. We have been carefully listening to-, and learning from our customers, and have assembled this collection of 30+ incredible colors for you to wear and print on with 100% confidence.

Please Download our hi-res color chart here.