Side-Seam T-Shirts

Side-Seam T-Shirts

The Classic Side Seam Tee

Tailored Comfort and Fit.

What is Side-Seam Construction?

Side seam construction is the original, classic construction technique of T-shirt production. Originally, T-shirts were constructed with two large panels, for front and back sections which were then stictched together to form the torso covering, before sleeves and collars were attached to finish the shirt. In the early days of T-shirt production, this rough-and-ready production value was de rigueur
in the garment industry.

Although many advances in fabric production–such as tubular fabrics–have done away with the need to use this old-fashioned 2-panel method of construction it is still a widely used method in the industry as it allows garment manufacturers to keep up with the tyranny of fashion and to expertly tailor their T-shirts to almost any size and shape which they need to be. this gives side-seam production a distinct advantage over the tube-tee, albeit a more labor intensive one. This kind of production is fairly typical for shirts that are of a specialty style or cut that is often demanded from the marquee fashion houses.

For example, many women’s T-shirt styles are constructed with side seams since these shirts usually taper in the center of the body, with a little flare out at the hips. These side seams allow for a custom ‘cut’ of the fabric so the garment can be made slimmer, longer, tapered–in fact, in almost any shape you care to imagine.

SpectraUSA’ signature side seam styles include the inimitable men’s 3400SS in organic cotton and recycled polyester with a next-to-zero carbon footprint, and the industry leader women’s 8500 Junior V-neck, the paragon of enduring casual-wear style.