Youth T Shirts for Sale Online

Children’s T-Shirts

Take into account the active lifestyle your little ones lead, add to this the beating that their clothing takes, and you will already know that the quality of your child’s everyday clothing is of critical importance. SpectraTees takes great pains to manufacture durable, fashionable and comfortable kids’ t-shirts which are designed for both their breathability and their longevity. Our American made yarns, and our advanced dyeing techniques ensure top quality garments which add durability and value to your child’s closet.

Leveraging our vertically integrated production processes allows SpectraTees to produce any volume of youth t-shirts you might require. Our fulfillment options are second to none and we pride ourselves on having the fastest turnaround times in the industry. When you buy kids’ t-shirts wholesale, we provide a range of fulfillment options from delivery choice to private label customization and even pick and pack.

Our Fabrics for Kids’ T-Shirts

Kid’s clothes take a beating and often spend more time in the washer than on your child. We build our kid’s range for softness and comfort but with a keen eye on longevity and durability. Our highly specialized design team have utilized the power of bi-blend technology to ensure the durability, the strength and the stretch of our kid’s mega tee. SpectraTees Youth range includes the following items:

100% Cotton t-shirts. The natural fibers in this fabric breathe easily and cotton remains a tough customer and a good friend to kid’s busy bodies.

Open-end cotton yarns are as natural and unprocessed as knitted cotton gets and both you and your kids will love the unrefined, purity of these simple, trendy and practical garments. This is an exceptional, unprocessed fabric for girls’ and boys’ t-shirts, made from American made yarns and designed in Southern California.

Bi-blend tees. Our proprietary bi-blend technology makes for a superior t-shirt of the highest pedigree. Tougher than your kids, these shirts have just the right amount of strength and stretch to them. Beloved by kids and screen printers alike our bi-blends are hard wearing and every inch of their unique fabric says “quality.” For SpectraTees, children’s t-shirts made from proprietary SpectraSpun bi-blends offer the highest standard in quality children’s garments.

Better Comfort and Quality

SpectraTees uses shoulder-to-shoulder and advanced neck-taping in building strength and support into our children’s apparel. Our t-shirts are subject to rigorous quality control and our children’s range is made from American made yarns, designed in California and made in North America, making all of these exceptional garments NAFTA compliant.

Enjoy our selection of t-shirts for every kid’s taste and mood. Choose from huge pallete of white, black, red, grey, orange, charcoal, maroon, heather grey. yellow, purple, blue, pink, or brown colors to suit your kid’s unique personality and style. SpectraTees offers complimentary shipping on all General Wholesale orders over $100.