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A Private Selection for your collection

SpectraTees’ Curated T-shirt Collections are an invitation to sample t-shirts from our world renown stable of epic design and comfort-rich garments. As usual at Spectra we’ve created the simplest way to sample t shirts by taking the guess work out of it, with our hand-picked curated t-shirt collections.

At SpectraTees we pride ourselves on our continued commitment to the finest quality and the consistent delivery of premium fashion t-shirts and our approach to our garment collections is no different. Because ours is a personal relationship with our customers we take our collections very seriously, literally hand-picking each and every garment which goes into our carefully curated tee shirt collections. Building each t shirt sample set from scratch we’ve created a stunning array of garments for every need and purpose.

These Collections are cherry-picked selections of garments of the finest quality, including Men’s t-shirts, Women’s tees, as well as Unisex tshirts. From our Master Printer’s Collection—a stunning ensemble of every SpectraTees inventory garment—through our specialized color collections, be it Charcoal (The Zuckerberg) or plain black and white (The Black and White Albums), to show off the deepest black and brightest whites in the industry.

A collection of t-shirts fit for a t-shirt connoisseur

The Spectra Curated Collections have been designed with one clear goal in mind: To address the needs of both the in-the-know t-shirt consumer—the t-shirt connoisseur; as well as those of the novice who is just coming to grips with premium quality connoisseur class t-shirts and learning about what to expect from “the top shelf” when it comes to premium blank tshirts.

Our designers created the curated collections as a way to sample the exceptional quality we imbue the entire Spectra range with, a little—or a lot if you prefer—at a time. We kept it simple, limiting this palette to black tees, white tshirts and grey t-shirts, with the notable exception of the Rainbow garment dyed collection, the jewel in the crown. This helps to take the guess work out of a purchase and solves that time-honored problem: How to load value into a wardrobe whilst covering the essential elements and fashion necessities each and every closet needs year after year. The classic starter sets in our connoisseur’s collection are the Black and the White Albums. Both offer a broad stroke overview of the Spectra range, and ensure a look that will fit well with any closet.

From tanks to long sleeves and everything in between, this collection has it for you. From our classic 2001 “Roughneck” basic tee, a celebration of the classics of historic t-shirt design, through the revolutionary bi-blend white t-shirt and the “Cotton Perfection” tee.

For charcoal enthusiasts like Mark Zuckerberg, for whom the uniform plain black tee might be too harsh, we have the “Zuckerberg Collection” named in honor of the silicon valley genius and undisputed master of the charcoal tee. This selection includes our stunning black and charcoal fashion raglan, a long sleeve t-shirt, a bi-blend charcoal tank top, the legendary bi-blend plain and “nerd pocket” tees and is topped off with our 100% cotton t-shirt the “Cotton Perfection. We’ve also thrown in our buttery-soft fleece hoodie for good measure, and as the days get cooler and the charcoal around your own fires pops and crackles, you’ll be glad we did.

Named for the genius Italian fashion designer and originator of Garment Dyeing, Massimo Osti, our Rainbow Garment Dyed Collection of t-shirts of “The Massimo” garment dyed t-shirts is truly the jewel in SpectraTees’ crown. This collection of 40 singles t-shirts is put through a brutal dyeing process which tempers the shirt, both softening and shrinking its original pre-dyed cut to ensure the ultimate in softness, comfort and fit. These garments are truly a sensation to wear. The Rainbow Collection includes seven unique colors created with a truly bleeding edge fashion palette in mind, from a deep Jet Black, through our “Raven Charcoal these colors just “pop” in any wardrobe, be it male or female. The clever design and unisex edge of these garments just oozes 21st century chic. The Pink Glaze , Dusty Blue and Dusty Grey are an understated trio and blend well with complimentary colors, our Olive Green tee is sharp and strong whilst stunning with a pair of blue jeans.

Spectra is renown for our classic athletic heathers and dedication to this icon of American sportswear. Our 11 Shades of Grey collection includes both heather grey and white versions of many of our classics and is truly a great way to get a close-up sample of these t-shirts. Obviously this wouldn’t be complete without a heather grey hoodie, the perfect warm-down buddy and a garment destined to become a fast favorite in any gym bag.

Finally the Master Printer’s Collection is an encyclopedic sample and spectacular showcase of Spectra’s design prowess and commitment to premium quality blank apparel. Black, white and shades of grey dominate this collection which includes both male, female and even kids’ styles. The only thing missing is a kitchen sink. Long sleeves, short, raglans and hoodies, v-necks and crews, we’ve got them all, in one collection, cherry-picked for you.