Style PFC1903

Pigment Dye Unisex Crew


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About the product


  • Crew
  • *80/20 Cotton/Poly
  • *280 GM
  • Pigment Dyed
  • *3 End Fleece
  • *Imported
How do you measure up?

Looking for the perfect fit? Grab a tape measure and compare your numbers with ours.


shirt with width reference

Measure the widest part of the front (usually chest) from one side to the other side.


shirt with width reference

Measure from the neck-shoulder join to the bottom of the shirt.


shirt with width reference

Measure right around the width of the shirt, in a complete circle.

It's not just a t-shirt!

No, it’s not “just a t-shirt”. This is a finely tooled masterpiece of design which is going to keep you looking sartorially sharp and surprisingly well-heeled for years to come. Now get that tape-measure out and properly check your t-shirt digits before you commit to one of these gorgeous beasts. Let’s get this right the first time people!

Pigment Dye Unisex Crew

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