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Hip and Edgy T-Shirts for Men

When considering a reliable supplier of men’s apparel, it is essential to find one which is, literally, a cut above the rest. Equipped with extensive manufacturing capabilities, a legendary commitment to fulfillment, as well as innovative knitting processes and dyeing techniques SpectraTees has established itself as ta powerful contender in t-shirt design and manufacture, with a real edge over the competition. Our men’s t-shirts are designed in our skunkworks design laboratory here in Southern California and are created with American made yarns and sewn in Baja—making the bulk of our range NAFTA compliant.

SpectraTees creates for and supplies a variety of wholesale business and retail needs in Canada, North America and Mexico. Whether you want to simply screen-print or DTG a logo on a fashionable item, or rid yourself of logos and branding altogether, our premium blank men’s tees are the smartest quality-infused and value-driven solution you will find.

Beyond the vast SpectraTees ready-inventory our private label customization services and turn-around speed is now the industry benchmark where we have been setting the standard for many years, particularly when it comes to private label custom designed men’s t-shirts. Our specialty garment dyeing techniques and made-to-order designs, coupled with the fastest speed to market in the industry have ensured that we remain the de facto top-dog in Californian custom fashions.

A New Look at Style with Our Men’s Fashion T-Shirts

At Spectra we believe that wearing a tee should be an awesome experience which begins with consumer joy driven by physical comfort.

Our designs and fabric selection reflects this philosophy and aims to keep our customers in the most comfortable shirts in the world. Shopping the SpectraTees range is to shop through premium fabrics, designs and quality conscious garments, made with the t-shirt connoisseur in mind. Our store invites you to familiarize yourself with these exceptional styles:

  • Short and long sleeve t-shirts for men. Using both traditional 100% cottons and our patented Bi-blend technology these garments are the perfect choice for an active lifestyle. Our bi-blend help to wick perspiration away from busy bodies keeping you cool and focussed whether you are a treadmill master or just out for a walk in the sun.
  • Men’s cotton t-shirts. The garments are made incredibly soft and stay incredibly soft even after frequent washing and drying. Our butter smooth ring-spun textiles ensure their longevity, their gorgeous soft hand and their legendary durability.
  • Eco-friendly karma tees. We have created an amazing range of karma conscious tees using only recycled synthetics blended together with sustainably harvested, organic cottons for your comfort, your conscience and your karma.
  • Our men’s Pocket tshirts have set the standard for the current fashion craze for pocket tees. Available in both 100% cotton as well as our exclusive bi-blend technology these remarkable garments are designed in California to provide the perfect fit.
  • At Spectra we pride ourselves on our vast selection of styles and the range of color choices on offer.Simply choose a style (e.g. tee, tank top or hoodie) and then you favorite select size and color. Our palette includes white, black, red, charcoal, grey, orange, blue, pink, indigo, burgundy, green, olive, royal blue, athletic heather, heather grey, pale blue, yellow, turquoise, navy and brown.