Style UPFC200

UPFC200 LS Performance Crew (UPF50)


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upf50 4way-stretch breathable quickdry ant-microbial crewneck imported inventory-item made-in-egypt

About the product

UPFC200 LS Performance Crew (UPF50)
Construction Orange$7.9595 in stock$7.95195 in stock$7.95595 in stock$7.95588 in stock$8.95198 in stock$9.95100 in stock0
Lt-Blue$7.95182 in stock$7.95381 in stock$7.951169 in stock$7.951197 in stock$8.95391 in stock$9.95202 in stock0
Metal$7.9559 in stock$7.95423 in stock$7.95465 in stock$8.95121 in stock$9.95105 in stock0
Safety Yellow$7.9580 in stock$7.95163 in stock$7.95593 in stock$7.95593 in stock$8.95189 in stock$9.95104 in stock0
Sage$7.95379 in stock$7.95413 in stock$8.9592 in stock$9.95101 in stock0
Steel Grey$7.955 in stock$7.95798 in stock$7.95855 in stock$8.95181 in stock$9.95200 in stock0
Warm Grey$7.95207 in stock$7.95399 in stock$7.951200 in stock$7.951200 in stock$8.95414 in stock$9.95198 in stock0
White$7.959 in stock$7.95782 in stock$7.95820 in stock$8.95148 in stock$9.95206 in stock0


How do you measure up?

Most tees follow an industry standard for width (tube size) and body length (from high point shoulder to bottom hem). The fit of a tee is primarily influenced by the shoulder drop, which refers to the length of the shoulder tape to the end of the shoulder, as well as the sleeve length. Even a small difference of 2 inches in the shoulder drop (from neck rib to shoulder curve) can significantly impact the perceived size and looseness of the tee.

Two examples of tees with a looser fit are Styles 1301 (Roughneck) and Style 2100 (Retro Ring-spun). On the other hand, Styles 3100 (Cotton Perfection) and Style 3050 (Bi-blend) offer a snugger/slimmer fit. It's important to note that these styles have the same length and width, with the only variation being in the shoulder and sleeve dimensions.

Looking for the perfect fit? Grab a tape measure and compare your numbers with ours.


shirt with width reference

Measure the widest part of the front (usually chest) from one side to the other side.


shirt with width reference

Measure from the neck-shoulder join to the bottom of the shirt.


shirt with width reference

Measure right around the width of the shirt, in a complete circle.

It's not just a t-shirt!

No, it’s not “just a t-shirt”. This is a finely tooled masterpiece of design which is going to keep you looking sartorially sharp and surprisingly well-heeled for years to come. Now get that tape-measure out and properly check your t-shirt digits before you commit to one of these gorgeous beasts. Let’s get this right the first time people!

UPFC200 LS Performance Crew (UPF50)

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