Ringspun Fabrics

Ringspun Fabrics


Softness. Luxury. Durability.

What is Ringspun Cotton?

Ringspun, or “Ring spinning” is an industrial textile manufacturing technique which spins raw fibers of cotton, or wool, together to make the familiar fabrics which you and I wear everyday. When cotton yarns are woven together to create a textile and the end result is a heavy-weight, loosely ‘knitted’ fabric with small spaces or gaps between the fibers of the finished textile. Standard cotton spinning is a cheap process and the finished product it creates usually has a rough, coarse finish. The completed product is typically far less durable and not nearly as comfortable as the finish of typical ringspun cloth. A great many marquee blank t-shirt producers manufacture standard spun-cotton garments because this is an inexpensive process which saves producers a fortune in production costs, whilst higher quality ring-spun fabrics cost much more to produce.

The ringspun fabric of a SpectraSpun T-shirt is knitted through an intensive process of refinement and entwining the individual cotton fibers as the fabric is created. These individual cotton strands are woven together and strengthened through the ring-spinning process to produce a cloth which is far more durable and much more tightly woven than anything regular cotton spinning can produce. The overall quality of the fabric is also much higher than fabrics produced through ordinary spinning. The resultant product is a superior textile which is very soft to the touch, and provides a snug, hug-like fit and legendary durability which will hold both its shape, prints and colors far better than ordinary cotton.

You can literally “feel” the superior quality of a ring-spun garment like a SpectraSpun ringspun T-shirt because ringspun cotton always feels just slightly heavier to the touch than the same garment made with the loose, coarse finish of standard spun-cotton. The tighter ringspun weave is by far the superior canvas for any kind of Direct-to-Garment (DTG) and screen printing process as it holds the specialized printing inks that much better than the looser weave of the standard spun-cotton process.

Spectratees’ Garment Dyed GD5001 is unquestionably the gold standard of ringspun cotton fabrics. Printers love the finish it gives and the durability of this garment is something of an industry legend. We are very proud of our Spectraspun ringspun GD’s and challenge you to find a finer, more durable shirt on which to frame your favorite print.