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by Daniel Greenfield from frontpagemag.com


And can you blame them?

Street vendors in New York City are still moving Obama merchandise, like holographic prints of the Obama family, but this poor Hillary t-shirt vendor couldn’t get any takers even at a massive Hillary event.

Subway riders streaming out of the station had to pass the man, Abdon Valdez, who was sitting on a grassy spot and peddling the shirts for $20. So far, he had sold only one.

Mr. Valdez, 30, who said he was a registered Democrat and a Clinton supporter, remained optimistic. ”I’m hoping to sell more,” he said. ”I think I’ll just stay here a while.”

The shirts – decorated with cartoon busts in varying colors of Mrs. Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton – all said the same thing: ”2 for 1: 2016.” Mr. Valdez said he was selling the shirts on behalf of a friend, a doctor who lived in Florida and was also a Clinton supporter. His friend had designed the shirts and shipped them to New York ahead of Saturday’s rally.

Mr. Valdez, who said he worked at a law firm and was a musician, gets to keep $5 for every shirt he sells.


ObamaCare has gotten so bad that doctors have to sell Hillary shirts to make ends meet. And no one even wants them.

Clearly this requires some sort of mandate to force everyone to buy Hillary t-shirts. For the children.


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