November 11, 2021

No Guilt Tee

No Guilt Tee

Spectra USA’s Karma Tee is designed to provide you no guilt tee with a great-fitting and sculpted. Why would one feel guilt wearing a basic tee? Because the majority of t-shirts are made from unsustainable materials, wreaking havoc on our environment. Spectra’s dedication to sustainability led to the creation of the Karma Tee — a basic t-shirt made of 50/50 Poly and Organic Cotton.

Recycle polyester is made from recycled plastic bottles. Not only is it an alternative fiber, but keeps plastic away from landfills. Creating recycled polyester generates fewer CO2 emissions and requires less resources than the creation of new fibers. Organic cotton is made with sustainability in mind. Organic cotton farmers have a holistic point of view. They are trying to create a more sustainable product and are attentive to their water supply, fields, and air quality. In addition, organic cotton farms use only natural fertilizers and use all-natural seed (nothing genetically engineered). In order for the cotton to be labeled organic, an intense verification process by both the government and non-government entities is required.

The reason why organic cotton is more expensive is because everything costs a bit more to produce it: non-GMO seeds have a higher cost and farming practices require more labor. Generally, organic plants also yield less so the supply and demand chain is different than conventional cotton.

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