It’s Protest t-shirt Season Again


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It’s Protest t-shirt Season Again

You just can’t beat a well-aimed political message emblazoned on the front of a t-shirt, or so think the supporters of Sun Lared (a pseudonym) who have already contributed $42,994 in less than 48 hours to a GoFundMe campaign aimed at trolling the China and the political mess they’re currently embroiled in in Hong Kong. Yep, all signs are pointing to it being protest t-shirt season again folks.

It's Protest t-shirt Season AgainBut why all the furore over protest t-shirt and Hong Kong? For those of you who’ve been living under a rock since the start of October, the Houston Rockets’ general manager Daryl Morey sent out a tweet in early October 2019 in support of the ongoing Hong Kong protests and vicious Chinese state backlash saying, “Fight for freedom, stand with Hong Kong.” So where’s the beef you may ask? Morey enjoys the right to freedom of speech by virtue of the fact that he lives and works in the United States, however, as a major consumer of NBA broadcasts, China was quick to respond to his tweet, an ironic move by them given that Twitter is blocked in China and none of its citizens are officially allowed to use it.

What followed was a political tap dance by the NBA, Rocket’s management and a handful of politicians looking to make hay from the situation. To be clear there was a lot up for grabs, least of all the $1.5 Billion in broadcasting rights that China brings to the NBA’s table each season. The NBA drew staunch criticism from fans after initially rebuking Morey and trying to placate the Chinese government who, contrary to the official party line, seem to be very active on Twitter. The situation has since escalated with the NBA digging in its heels, not in support of China, but of Morey, with NBA commissioner Adam Silver recently revealing that the Chinese government were calling for his resignation over the incident. In Silver’s own words, “We were being asked to fire him [by China]Û_ We said, there’s no chance that’s happening; there’s no chance we’ll even discipline him.”

Beijing is now denying Silvers’ claim that they tried to bully the NBA into demanding Morey’s resignation and, the Chinese seem to have doubled down with a follow-up threat via Chinese state media which claims that Silver will face “retribution” for suggesting that China wanted the beleaguered Houston Rockets GM sacked immediately. It’s enough to make you want to break out the old silk screen and print a few t-shirts yourself. Which is what one lover of free speech has done, with a truly elegant troll of Chinese state media in the making.

With a go-fund me of $20K reached and adequately breached in 48 hours, Sun Lared is pushing forward with their troll to get all the fans at the 2019/2020 inaugural NBA game to send a message to Beijing and Hong Kong, by wearing a good, old fashioned protest t-shirt with the words: Fight for Freedom, Stand with Hong Kong emblazoned across it. It’ll be hard to redact 19,000 of those, no matter how big your state sponsored sharpie may be. Follow Sun Lared on twitter and check out the hashtag #HKShirtGiveaway to track events in the lead up to tomorrow night’s big game, and; if you’re going to the game, remember to pick up your protest t-shirt and give a totalitarian government a good old fashioned troll. It’ll do your karma a power of good.

With protest t-shirts obviously back in style again, it is hardly news that SpectraUSA still offers the premium protest tee experience with a range of 100% cotton tees which take a print like a duck takes to water or, a Rockets’ GM takes to twitter to exercise his freedom of speech. SpectraUSAs’ 2001 Roughneck and 3100 Cotton Perfection are the perfect matches for this years’ protest t-shirt season; available in a range of colors they won’t let you down in rain, shine or teargas attack (ED’s note: We can’t actually back up any claims that SpectraUSA’s t-shirts can ward of tear gas, you’ll have to use your own protest awesomeness to do that). So c’mon America, lets get our t-shirts on and go protest something!