SpectraUSA Acquires Tie Dye Tees


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Californian T-shirt manufacturer, SpectraUSA has acquired the artisanal dye artistry studio Tie Dye Tees, to be incorporated in the SpectraUSA organization by the end of April, 2019. The acquisition of the trendy dye atelier by the Californian T-shirt giant heralds further growth for SpectraUSA, not only in their inventory, but also for their private label and custom line apparel offerings.

Tie Dye Tees has been a steadily rising force in the apparel industry of late, quietly making a name for their studio through their signature custom-line work in the marquee brand t-shirt manufacturing space. Through a fortuitous chance meeting at a warehouse, Tie Dye Tees asked SpectraUSA to consult with them in improving the logistics and day-to-day handling of their operation. SpectraUSA is an established market leader in apparel logistics and well-placed to assist the radical emergent upstarts of garment dying, more focused on their incredible artistry than the day-to-day details of warehousing, shipping and inventory maintenance.

By joining forces with SpectraUSA, Tie Dye Tees has gained valuable expertise in the brutal practicalities of the fashion trade whilst, SpectraUSA has acquired a studio of headstrong creatives, driven by design and artistry,; to add to their already thriving design team.

When asked if either company had to lay staff off during the process of acquisition, Spectra head Brian McLaughlin was firm, “No, this was a lock, stock, and barrel deal, we’ve created an entirely new division at Spectra to accommodate their studio and keep these jobs in California.”  

Beyond growing the local fashion industry, Spectra seems to have gained a much envied design team with an unusually sharp knowledge of dyes, dye processes, and even print, a move McLaughin hails as “Game-changing for Spectra and specially for our established wholesale customers.” SpectraUSA currently plans to incorporate the Tie Dye Tees inventory into SpectraUSA’s own existing range whilst allowing the Tie Dye team a degree in flexibility in their creativity and design processes, an enduring strength of the studio. 

SpectraUSA, is a well-established powerhouse in the apparel manufacturing sector, supplying quality apparel to the marquee sport and surf brands in the USA, Australia and South Africa. Headquartered in Chino, California SpectraUSA has a strong reputation in the industry for quality, a knack for breaking the production mold and a flair for originality. Producing a wide range of products from their base in Chino, California, SpectraUSA uses American-made knits and dyed fabrics to produce plain and brand-able garments for the merchandizing industry and marquee brands. They produce a plethora of different styles of T-shirts and similar sportswear for the US and Southern Hemisphere action-wear markets. Their latest foray into American made products is a testament to their commitment to American manufacturing and to keeping jobs in the USA.