April 11, 2019

Brand Ambassador & Key Account Executive Brad Bleick joins SpectraUSA

After a thirty year tenure in the clothing industry, Brad Bleick needs little by way of introduction. With that said, after such a serious tour of duty in the industry one can imagine that Brad Bleick might be more than just a little tired of it all too, possibly looking for the nearest exit; yet here he stands, in front of a warehouse in Santa Ana, arms folded across his broad chest and beaming from ear to ear like a lottery winner. It’s fair to say that when it comes to clothing Brad Bleick has seen, and done, all there is to do. From humble cut-and-sew factories to apparel mega-manufacturing concerns, from going it on your own as an entrepreneur to being the heavyweight powerhouse behind more than a few apparel legends like Alstyle, Ei-Lo, Mill42 and, most recently, to joining forces with SpectraUSA, Brad is the quintessential, fiercely successful, apparel-industry professional. His blood type? High Octane Cotton T-shirt. So how did this proud veteran of California’s rag-trade come to find himself working with the SpectraUSA team? The short answer is: It really is true that you can’t keep a good man down, and Brad Bleick, is nothing if not truly brilliant at what he does.

Young Brad Bleick got his start in the rather unglamorous role of sewing factory wrangler, leading the charge to produce apparel for marquee outfitters such as Hurley, Volcom, and Vans. A quick study, Brad got a handle on the manufacturing side of the business and soon took on a role as the Orange County sales representative for mega-manufacturer Alstyle, a role he quickly mastered, cementing his employers’ position on the map with his high profitability and, by the end of his term with them, he had become so deeply entrenched in the blank t-shirt business that the words “Bleick” and “Brad” had become a household name. From Alstyle he headed off on his own into the creation of renowned fashion upstart Ei-Lo, Bleick’s own entrepreneurial debut in 2012 which his uniquely Midas touch again turned into a multi-million dollar business. Ei-Lo was subsequently bought out for a handsome fee by TSC Apparel, a major distributor of promotional products and, a company that was actively seeking an apparel division to compliment their range of promo-goodies. So, if you are part of the California apparel manufacturing universe and, if you haven’t been living under a rock for the last twenty years, you should be familiar with Brad Bleick’s work, he remains one of the most respected heads in Californian t-shirt manufacture and a seriously tough act to follow when it comes to the creation and delivery of high-quality apparel in this ultra-competitive market. If of course, you have been living under that rock for twenty years you’re about to meet him, because Brad Bleick has just brought his incredible talents to SpectraUSA.

As a respected, often feared, heavy-hitter of the local rag trade, Brad’s blue-chip pedigree, and brand savvy remains the envy of many manufacturers. However, Bleick is no pushover, and for him, the grass is not always greener. For many of the company’s which Brad has built from the ground up, acquisition or partnership is not a matter of simply signing on the dotted line; as he put it, “The fit has to be just right, you need to find someone who values quality and delivery in the same way you doÛ_ Someone to put their money where their mouth is.” This seems doubly true for Brad’s selection of his business partners and employers, and he emphasizes the “goodness of fit” he’s found with the team at SpectraUSA.

“Delivery, Consistency, Quality,” he says holding up three fingers,” This is how you succeed in the apparel industryÛ_ that and lots of hard work,” he laughs. His conviction that SpectraUSA is the perfect partnership and logical next stop for his much-fÌ»ted career is endearing. For Bleick, SpectraUSA’s strong production capabilities, coupled with logistical expertise is a massive boon to his ability to connect the manufacturing and merchandizing dots, transforming persistent problems into production solutions. For SpectraUSA, this is a case of turning a feisty old competitor into a proud production-wise confederate and claiming a true Jedi-master of California apparel, as one of their own.

The passion Brad has for clothing creation is a major coup for SpectraUSA and the combination of these two powerful forces in apparel creation can only benefit the industry and drive home the impact of SpectraUSA’s own commitment to the same three tiers of their business: Quality, Delivery, and Consistency. It is clear that SpectraUSA and Brad Bleick are set to enjoy something of a fantastic future together if their collective pasts are anything to go by.

Brad Bleick can be reached for sales inquiries at SpectraUSA, directly on his mobile: (949) 310-9198 or at this email or call our office at the toll-free number 1 888 909 6516.

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