An American Made Thanksgiving


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Thanksgiving is the last stop before Christmas and an excellent opportunity for the SpectraUSA team to reflect on another breakneck year of development, growth and incredible opportunity. There is more than a little to be grateful for this year and, if we have to count our blessings, the thing we keep coming back to is how our intensely loyal customers buoy our progress and egg on our success. So, SpectraUSA’s Thank You Number One this thanksgiving goes out to our customer base, without you, none of this would be possible.

What out customers say is important to us and remains an important guide for us and it is with this in mind that we’re embarking on a brand new project which we will be rolling out in the next few weeks. American Made is the catchphrase of our time isn’t it? Typically conspicuous by its absence in many industries these days, not just apparel. American Made, in short, is not an easy thing to find anymore and if you can, usually with all kinds of compromise. Which is why we are launching not one, but two new styles, made entirely in the USA.

From the cotton fields the seeds are grown in to the hands which put the final stitches on your shirt, every inch of these gorgeous, heritage styles have been grown, designed and built for you entirely in the USA. SpectraUSA is invested in keeping jobs in America and keeping American products a hallmark of international excellence and prestige, so we’re putting our shoulders to the wheel behind two incredible American heritage styles which are simply going to blow your socks off.

SpectraUSA’s two freshest styles are a long-, and a short-sleeve t-shirt drawn from classic American heritage athletic designs which first put American made t-shirts on the map and transformed the humble t-shirt from and undergarment to an object of desire. Fashioned from enduring 20 singles open-ended yarn-spun cottons, they both draw heavily on the roots of classic American casual wear. These 100% pre-shrunk cotton tees are available in a 5oz fabric in a range of sizes from Small through 4XLarge. Their quality really speaks for itself, remaining on point and ensuring consumers have an edge in quality and value. It’s about having a zero-compromise attitude to quality production and pride of place in manufacturing origin. It’s about being deeply proud of the words American-made.

SpectraUSA’s new American made styles debut in the next few weeks in a staggering selection of colors and sizes. Stay tuned for the next development as we push this boat out or give your sales rep a call or email to get the jump on the competition.