August 15, 2018

Versace is selling a $690 World Cup T-shirt


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Why spend $700 on a plane ticket to Brazil for next month’s World Cup when you can spend that money on a T-shirt that replicates the experience?


Versace is celebrating the upcoming soccer tournament with a printed shirt that captures the ”vivid iconography” of ”Brazilian carnival” and mixes ”the glamour of Versace” with the ”sportsmanship” of the host nation.

Some might it ”tacky” and claim that the shirt ”wouldn’t be worth the money” even if it was ”made out of $100 bills” instead of ”100% cotton.”

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 10.32.17 AM

The description on Versace’s website also claims that the ”gold chains and leopard print add luxury,” which makes one wonder if Tony Soprano’s goomah was writing the copy.

If the shirt was $685 cheaper and sold from the back of a van instead of inside a luxury store with $8,000 clutches, it wouldn’t look out of place in the parking lot of a Phish show.ÊÊÊ

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