August 15, 2018




Photo: Splash News

Summer is the season of T-shirts. Your arms are begging to be shown, your tanlines are waiting to be created, and you’re only one garment away from feeling light and breezy. There are millions of T-shirts to be purchased out there. And like snowflakes, no two are exactly the same. Some are long, some are short, some are actually crop tops (hard pass on those). The trick to finding your true match? The length.

Length is everything when it comes to T-shirts. Go too long and you’ll look larger than you actually are. (It’ll cling to your butt and creating a shapeless silhouette.) If you go too short, you run the risk of flashing your midriff. You must leave something to the imagination.

If there was one perfect T-shirt for every man, we’d tell you all about it. But you are unique and the right length on you will be the wrong length on the guy next to you. So how do you find the golden mean? First, you must put a T-Shirt on. This is done by gently thrusting your head through the large opening on the northernmost part of the garment, and pushing your arms through the remaining fabric tunnels on the sides. (Sleeves.) Pull down lightly.

In front of a mirror, raise one arm in the air like you’re signaling friend of yours in a crowded food court at the mall. Stare at your reflection: If you can see any skin on your stomach, you’re in too-short territory. The ideal length will show you some of the waistband of your pants-perhaps all the way up to the top. Secondly, you must examine your posterior. Let the shirt fall naturally. You want the hem to just hit the top of your butt (no lower than 25% down your cheeks). If you’d prefer not to divide your bottom into quadrants, you can also aim for about an inch above your back pocket. If you pass these tests, you can rest easy knowing you’ve found your perfect T-shirt match. Stay breezy.


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