August 15, 2018

Top Five Geek T-Shirt Websites

Top Five Geek T-Shirt Websites

This is the best time to load up on geek t-shirts and start the new year with a statement.

Top five geek t-shirt websites. You see all these cool geeky t-shirts all over the web, on Tumblr and Twitter, with witty statements and original designs. Well here’s your chance to scoop up a few for yourself.

Similar to CafePress, many websites cater to designers and small businesses. However, there are websites that are used exclusively for t-shirts and clothes in general.

Check out Spectratees’ own homage to the Geek t-shirt here

#5 RedBubble

This is CafePress’ equivalent. The reason why this website takes 5th place is because it’s pricey. However, RedBubble carries original designs, fresh off a designer’s head. Meaning, it’s highly unlikely someone else will be walking around with that t-shirt. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been tempted to buy something off RedBubble but usually what I’m looking for is way above my price range and unfortunately, they don’t usually have good sales. To clear things up for you, my price range is anywhere from $10 to $20, but honestly, $20 is already pushing it. Usually, stuff on RedBubble sells for $25 and up, and unfortunately, that’s just way too much money on a t-shirt for a college student. A cool feature about RedBubble is that you can search through tags. Many t-shirts usually have pretty cool and creative names so it can be tricky to find a Star Wars t-shirt, for example, when you search using that keyword. RedBubble has tags and that’s what makes it so great, especially since not everything on RedBubble is geek-related.

#4 BustedTees

They’re probably the most popular and more known t-shirt company off the ones I’ll be mentioning. And with good reason, because they carry pretty awesome designs. Occasionally, they have great deals and it really is a great opportunity to stock up on clothes. Here is my one complaint about them: their t-shirts aren’t good quality. Usually, I’m about the same size t-shirt from store to store, so when I saw a good deal, I went ahead and ordered about five t-shirts. To my surprise, the t-shirts just weren’t what I expected. Yes, they’re crew-neck t-shirts, but the neck of the shirts were a bit too loose for my taste. The t-shirts were also pretty thin in material, making them really delicate when washing. But in the end, that’s just my opinion. Some people like t-shirts like that and their designs are simply awesome. My batch from BustedTees are now PJ tees or gym shirts, and I barely use them, which really sucks, but their t-shirts were just not good enough for me.

#3 T-Shirt Bordello

They’re probably not for everyone, but they’re pretty hilarious. The downside to them is that their website (out of all of the ones I have mentioned) is pretty crappy. It definitely doesn’t help them draw in customers, but this can honestly be a hidden gem for a lot of you. An upside to T-Shirt Bordello is that they give you a free shirt for every three you buy, which is great. I don’t usually just buy one shirt so I find myself enjoying a lot of these deals on t-shirt websites. The designs are not as clean cut as they are in BustedTees or RedBubble. However, their designs are pretty bold. They’re more likely to draw attention to themselves simply because they have so much color and attitude. That being said, T-Shirt Bordello has a few designs that are rated somewhere between PG-13 and R. Personally, I find those a little distasteful to wear, but as designs, they are pretty hilarious.

#2 Snorg Tees

”New funny t-shirts every week.” They sell exactly what they advertise and they do it well. If you follow their Facebook page, you will literally see a set of fresh new tees every week. This might sound a bit pricey but to be honest, I love that about Snorg: their t-shirts are high-quality American Apparel t-shirt. American Apparel is definitely pricey but Snorg Tees sells high-quality t-shirts. They truly are that. My t-shirts are going on quite a few years now and they haven’t declined in quality. They still look like new, even the print. They also sell a variety of products with their designs, such as iPhone cases. Occasionally, Snorg will have some pretty awesome sales. As of right now, the t-shirts on sale are not among my favorites, but I’m sure next time will be pretty good. I’m a huge fan of all their Star Wars designs. Some are subtle and really neat, while others are more on the obvious side but they’re all equally awesome. I may be a bit biased because of that since I do own most of their Star Wars t-shirts, but I’m sure you guys won’t have a problem with an overabundance of Star Wars t-shirts.

#1 Threadless

Finally, my number favorite t-shirt website ever”_ I have to admit I had a lot of trouble coming to terms with this. This t-shirt company has been my best-kept secret for the longest time. Threadless offers high-quality t-shirts with some of the most original designs I have ever seen. The best part is that all of Threadless material is submitted by their audience. Anyone and everyone can submit a design. Designs then go through a user voting process. I’ve voted for quite a few t-shirts myself. There’s even a checkbox to have Threadless let you know if that design ever made it to their catalog. Threadless also has design challenges now and then, where users are supposed to come up with designs in a certain category. Previous design challenges include ”Toy Story”, ”The Muppets”, and Disney Villains. Geek Smash readers, you could really get your designs out there and on Threadless.(top five geek t-Shirt websites)

Normally Threadless t-shirts go for $15 to $20, but Threadless has so many sales, it’s overwhelming. They usually have $10 t-shirt sales. Recently, they had one for $8 t-shirts. Believe me, if I bought t-shirts every time there was a sale, I’d be broke. On top of that, Threadless has a whole line of products. They sell everything from furniture to pet items to phone cases. Aside from t-shirts, Threadless also has a Select line with cardigans and polo shirts if you’re into that as well.Top Five Geek T-Shirt Websites

Threadless really hands down their power to its visitors. If any t-shirt is ever sold out, you can demand that it be reprinted. The website also allows comments under each design, leading the designer to get in touch with the buyers. It’s really a community five geek t-shirt websites

Submit your own creations! We would love to see some of our readers get their work out there. Go right ahead and check out their current challenges. I promise you guys won’t be disappointed!

For those of you who are looking for awesome t-shirts, go and get shopping! Let us know what some of your favorite designs are or point your fellow Geeks towards a great sale!

Top Five Geek T-Shirt Websites


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