August 15, 2018

There’s Already a “Nasty Woman” T-Shirt For Sale And It Benefits Planned Parenthood

There’s Already a Nasty Woman T-Shirt For Sale And It Benefits Planned Parenthood. During the 2016 Presidential Debate, there was a moment where Donald Trump muttered into his microphone while Hillary Clinton was speaking. (He is known to interrupt – or “manterrupt” – her quite a bit during these events.) But this time, the words he uttered struck a particular chord with the millions of people watching.

According to NPR, the exchange went as follows:

Hillary Clinton: My social security payroll contribution will go up, as will Donald’s, assuming he can’t figure out how to get out of it. But what we want to do is to replenish the social security trust fund–

Donald Trump: Such a nasty woman.

Hillary Clinton: –by making sure that we have sufficient resources…

Almost immediately, women took to Twitter, claiming the hashtag #NastyWoman as their own, using it as a call to action for their sisters to join in arms against Trump and head to the polls. (Oh, and we may have had a little bit of our own fun with it, too.)

This remark came moments after he said, verbatim, “Nobody has more respect for women than I do, nobody.” (The audience laughed in response, prompting the moderator to ask for quiet in the room.) Trump’s record on women largely speaks for itself – you can read up on the sexual assault allegations piling up against him here, or you could also look up his comments on Alicia Machado, reproductive rights, or his own daughter. And now, many of the female constituents who have felt alienated or discriminated against by Trump’s campaign have a rallying cry in the #NastyWoman hashtag.

That makes it near perfect fodder for a t-shirt, which is why the incredibly savvy Google Ghost got a design up on their site before midnight after the debate. The tee retails for $25, with 50% of all proceeds benefitting Planned Parenthood – the health care provider that Trump has repeatedly targeted during his campaign.

Now, even more, brands are following suit, including a hat designer on Etsy who made this“Make America Nasty Again” baseball hat, as well as Brooklyn-based T-shirt printer, Bob Bland, who produced these amazing Nasty Woman T-Shirt to benefit Planned Parenthood.

Nasty Woman T-Shirt

So whether you wear the t-shirt, make your own small donation to Planned Parenthood, or post the hashtag to your Twitter or your ‘gram, there are plenty of ways to show that sexism has no place on our national stage.(Nasty Woman T-Shirt)

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Source: teenvogue


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